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Tiny Dog Was Given 6 Months To Live, 8 Years Later She’s Still Going Strong

Pipsqueak weighed less than two pounds and was not much bigger than a potato when she was rescued from a puppy mill. The rescue was told she wouldn’t live longer than six months. She proved them wrong.

After her rescue, Pipsqueak was initially placed in a foster home, but her foster dad had a medical problem and she had to be rehomed. Her new foster parents took her in, planning to make the final months of her life happy.

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The sweet little pup may have been neglected but she still had a lot of bark left in her or, quack rather because to her new foster’s surprise, she quacked at them just like a duck!

Pipsqueak needed lots of care and was nursed back to health. Bred for her tiny size, she was a victim of poor breeding and suffered a lot because of it. Despite that, she began to blossom in her new home.

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Although her foster family only expected to have her for a few short months, she proved everyone wrong. They’ve now had her eight wonderful years and are epic foster failures when it came to her.

Despite her hurdles, she is an ambassador of sorts. She welcomes the other foster dogs and loves all people even though she’s so tiny. She’s so small in fact, when she’s cold, she wears Guinea pig clothes but that doesn’t stop her from having a big giant heart.

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Pipsqueak never stopped barking like a duck and has a quack for all occasions. It’s adorable to listen to her ask for food, treats, or even just bark in her special way for the heck of it. She certainly is unique in the sweetest of ways.

Her family is devoted to her care, and she needed a lot of it to survive the past eight years. She has special needs and goes to physical therapy. There is nothing they won’t do to keep her healthy and happy.

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From a neglected puppy mill victim to a much-loved diva, Pipsqueak is much more than a pretty face, she’s a fighter with a beautiful heart and inspiring spirit. She beat the odds that were stacked against her and is part of a loving family that adores her.

Her rescue story is much more than just that. It’s also a story of survival and how people can make such an impact on the lives of dogs. We hope you enjoyed it. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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