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Tiny Puppy Escapes His Kennel At The Shelter So He Can Play With The Big Dogs

What do you do when you’re the new teeny pupper at the animal shelter?  You try to run with the big dogs.

When MuttShack rescued this tiny but mighty black and white puppy, they knew he was a firecracker.  To keep him safe, they placed him in his own kennel.  But the mini dude quickly figured his way out and escaped.

He ran straight to the big dog’s play yard and slipped right in.  He fearlessly ran up to dogs a hundred times his size, with the white smidge on his tiny black tail pumping all the way.  He seems to have no clue that he’s so small.

Showing no fear, he demands that the big dogs pay him some attention.  Honestly, he’s fortunate he didn’t get squished like a bug.  Lucky for him his new friends turned out to be gentle giants that seem to be more curious about the little guy than alarmed by him.

One girl in the play yard named Sasha seemed to appoint herself as his pseudo protector, but turned out he didn’t need one.  The happy puppy is clearly thrilled with his new jumbo friends and just wants to play.

Some sniffing and introductions take place and the new little pup is thoroughly enjoying himself.  We don’t see him wanting to ever go back to his kennel.  After a bit, the big dogs get distracted and run off with no chance in heck of the puppy’s tiny little legs keeping up with their long legs.

The MuttShack, who filmed and shared this video, is an animal rescue organization located in California.  Their mission is to help pets that are living in poverty with their owners.

They help reduce companion animal suffering by providing support so dog’s stay with their owners rather than ending up in  overcrowded shelters, providing basic medical care to dogs, rescuing moms and babies from situations to prevent them from entering shelters, and helping to stop unwanted litters and building relationships in their communities.

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