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Two Frenchies Fall In Love With Their New Baby Sister

French bulldogs Griffin and Haru were best friends. They loved to play together and enjoy getting all the attention from mom. But then a tiny new human came along and stole their hearts in the most adorable way.

When mom was pregnant, Haru seemed to sense that something special was going on. She paid special attention to mom’s tummy and loved to rest her chin there. She would lay on top of mom and never seemed surprised to feel the baby kick.

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The night before the baby arrived, Haru never left mom’s side. She snuggled up as close as she could to her, even resting her cute little Frenchie chin on her mom’s stomach as if she knew it would be the last time.

Once the baby was home, the pups couldn’t wait to meet her. They were super excited and barked happy greetings at the new little bundle of joy. The dogs couldn’t stop smiling and wanted to be as close as possible to the baby.

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Even while the baby slept, they watched her. Griffin was a little shyer than Haru at first but both dogs stuck close by the infant, endlessly watching over her like a true big brother and big sister would.

As the tiny baby grew, the dogs enjoyed getting even closer. They liked to snuggle with her and keep a close watch on everything going on. They even tenderly rest their cute little chins on her as Haru did on mom’s tummy while she was pregnant.

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The three of them are super cute together and the dogs obviously can’t get enough of their new baby sister. They watch her play, sleep, and play some more. They’re happy with their new job in life, which is to watch over her and they do it so well.

There is not much cuter than babies and dogs and these three are over-the-top adorable. She’s such a lucky baby to have these two sweeties just waiting for her to grow a little bigger so the three of them can run around and play together.

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But for now, the dogs are content to just be cuddle bug besties to the baby girl. They don’t miss an opportunity to be with her even if they do fall asleep during their guarding duties sometimes. After all, it’s tiring to watch over such much cuteness.

We hope you enjoyed these super sweet pups hanging out with their new little sister. We’re so glad their mom took the time to make this adorable video. As always, please feel free to share the pupper sweetness with your friends.