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War Dog Reunites With His Best Friend After 4 Years Of Being Apart

Highly trained, war dogs face some of the most dangerous situations going on in the world. They bravely serve side-by-side with the military. However, despite being highly trained working dogs, deep down they still need the love and care of their handler.

Military dogs are trained to work at levels that are hard to imagine. Just like the soldiers they serve with, they must perform in all sorts of environments, under very stressful circumstances. And they are expected to perform their duties perfectly to save lives.

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When Staff Sgt. Angela Lowe started working with Szultan, she knew the dog would take a lot of time and patience. She was his first handler, and the tough German shepherd had a reputation for being grumpy and having a bone-crushing bite that he was happy to deliver.

Eventually, the two became patrol buddies and spent 12 hours a day together. She could trust Szultan 100% of the time and came to rely on the dog, as well as develop a deep friendship with him.

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When she left the military due to medical reasons, she didn’t think she would see Szultan again. The dog was owned by the Department Of Defense and went to another handler. Even though the two had a very close bond, Szultan was a war dog, not her pet, and was left behind.

But Sargent Lowe never forgot Szultan and always wondered where he was and how he was doing. Then one day out of the blue, she got a random message asking her if she was interested in giving Szultan a home because his current handler couldn’t take him, and he was ready to be retired.

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Since no one else wanted the dog and he couldn’t live in just any home situation due to his behavioral issues, Sargent Lowe got the opportunity to keep him. However, she did face some obstacles in collecting the dog, so she reached out for help.

She contacted Mission K9, which has helped rescue, reunite, re-home, rehabilitate, and repair over 500 military dogs. With them, she was reunited with the dog that she once served with and was so bonded to.

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She hadn’t seen Szultan in four years when Mission K9 delivered him to her. But no worries, he remembered her and despite being unsure about what was going on, he soon adapted to being a spoiled and loved house pooch.

It seemed Sultan was ready for retirement and eased into his new life. According to Sargent Lowe, he was more relaxed than he’d been in years. We hope you like their story. As always, please share with your friends.