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What It’s Like To Sleep With Two Snuggly Huskies All Night

Do you sleep with your pups? If so, you’re not alone because its estimated that 71% of pet owners sleep with their pets.

Are your pups bed hogs or do the stay curled up on the foot of the mattress? Do they remind you of the dogs in this video? Check out how these two adorable Huskies named Kakoa and Sky spend the night sleeping with their owners.

All is well at bedtime. The two fluffy doggos snuggle in, making themselves comfortable on the foot of the bed. Pretty soon though, there’s a lot of squirming until the two dogs are adorably sleeping butt-to-butt.

The butt-to-butt position doesn’t last too long. Presumably, two fluffers sleeping cuddled up in a bed would be like sleeping next to a warm baked potato all night. Soon, one is gone, next to momma, on the floor.

Just after 1 am though, that pupper decides to get back in bed. Its then the dogs move around, changing positions, even if that means mom’s feet have to hang off the side of the bed. But soon the dogs are spooning again. These two are too cute but not sure how much quality sleep anyone is getting.

It’s not long though, before doggo number one is back on the floor, this time next to dad. The pup sleeps next to dad for a while then at 4 am they take a potty break. Husky number two never leaves the bed. Soon dad and pup are back and it’s time to return to dream land.

As family sleeps, doggo number one returns to the floor. Everyone else sleeps in bed until the alarm goes off at 7 am. Oh my, that is too early for doggo number two who gives a big stretch. Everybody up, it’s time to greet the day. Just kidding, they stay sleeping until 7:30 and then its cuddle time for everyone! What a sweet way to wake up every morning.

This little family obviously enjoys their sleepy time ritual. The dogs love snuggling up with their owners, even if they do move around a lot. Except the one pup who never leaves the bed all night. It is just too cute and will probably remind you of your own pups.

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