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What Living With A German Shepherd Is Really Like

All German shepherd owners agree, they are very special dogs. To own one means being willing to live the German shepherd lifestyle and all that comes with it. In exchange for that, you get a best friend for life and, like this video shows, lots more…

Lots of playtime

With a German shepherd around, you’ll never be bored again. If you need something to do, your German shepherd will be more than willing to play with you for hours on end.

Demanding doggo

If your German shepherd wants something, they’ll be sure to let you know it. They can be very demanding of your time and attention. They communicate what they want with this behavior and are determined to get what they need.

Jealous much

German shepherds want to be the center of the universe. They can be jealous of other dogs and people. It’s not uncommon for them to try to get all the pets and get in between their owners and other dogs and people so they can have all the attention.

Snuggle buddy

They also like to snuggle up close for television watching, naps, and bedtime. They don’t understand personal space and the closer they can get the better.

Alarm clock

Forget about sleeping in, German shepherds will make sure you’re up bright and early every morning. You’ll never need an alarm clock with a snooze button again because your German shepherd will make sure you have no use for it.

Finicky foodie

German shepherds like their meals but they can also be sensitive and picky. Lots of German shepherd owners spend extra time making their dogs special food and toppings to keep them happy and healthy.

Walking buddy

German shepherds are super active and love to adventure. That makes them the perfect walking buddy. If you want to walk more miles, a German shepherd will make sure you do.


German shepherds are working dogs and love to have a job. They can easily learn tricks, obedience skills, or how to help you with your chores.

Constant companion

German shepherds love to go anywhere and everywhere with their owners. They are the perfect companion because they are smart, trainable, and protective. Having a German shepherd by your side means the only place you’ll have to go alone is where they don’t allow dogs.

Best friend

German shepherds are highly loyal and love their owners with all their heart. They truly are the very best friend you can have.