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What Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Says About Their Personality and Character

No doubt about it, dogs look simply adorable when they are sleeping. Whether they’re stretched out dreaming they are chasing squirrels or snuggled into a tiny ball under the covers, they always look cute.

But, have you ever wondered if you dog’s sleeping position could mean more than that they are catching some Z’s? According to this video by Jaw Dropping Facts, there is a science behind certain positions, such as these:

Curled into a Donut Position

If your dog sleeps curled up into a circle with its head resting on its tail, it’s slumbering in these Donut or Fuzzy Bagel position. Dogs that sleep in this position may be trying to conserve body heat or protect their body parts. Wild animals often choose this sleeping position to stay warm and protect vital organs from the cold and predators. Dogs that sleep this way are usually snuggle bugs who like to be warm and toasty.

On their Back or with Crazy Legs Position

Back sleeping or sleeping with legs flopping in all directions, is one of the most entertaining positions to watch. Dogs that sleep in this position are usually confident, relaxed, trusting, and very comfortable. Sleeping with their belly exposed may also be a sign that they are warm and trying to cool their belly, where their fur is thinner. It is also said that dogs that sleep this way are independent and calm.

Back-to-Back or the Cuddle Bug Position

Dogs that like to cuddle up and sleep back-to-back with other dogs may be hanging onto a behavior left over from puppyhood. It’s also a way to keep warm and regulate body temperature. These dogs also like to cuddle up with their humans to show love, trust, and devotion to their family.

Superman or the Sploot

Dogs snoozing in the Superman position are usually napping rather than having to go to bed for the night. Dogs that are in this position find it easy to spring up so they can play at a moment’s notice and like to have a good time. Dogs also stretch in this position so their stretch may have felt so good they decided to take a little nap.

Side Sleeping

Experts believe that dogs that sleep on their side are worry free. They sleep like this when they are relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings. It’s also said that dogs that chill out on their side share a strong bond with their owners and are very affectionate with them, too.

Lion Pose

Dogs that sleep in the lion pose are said to be ready to spring into action. They sleep in this position when they don’t really feel like sleeping and want to be prepared to get up and play. Your dog might sleep in the lion pose when they are resting yet expecting something to happen or expecting someone to come home.

Sleeping on your Clothes

If your dog sleeps on your clothes it probably means that they are showing you love. Since your clothing contains your scent, when your dog sleeps on your clothing, they feel closer to you. Sleeping on their owner’s clothes can also be a comfort to some dogs when they are away from home or sick.

Circling or Digging before Bed Time

When dogs circle or dig a spot before they lay down on it, they may be harnessing their ancient behaviors. Wild dogs are known to trample down vegetation to make a comfortable nest to sleep in and keep themselves warm. Dogs that dig and circle before they go to sleep are trying to create the perfect resting spot.

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